Vorschul und Kinderbücher in Englisch,

Dolphin Primary Books for early learners serves as a useful supplementary reading/reference book any where in the World. These books impart the basic illustrations & concepts at languages English, Tamil and Hindi. Adding more languages to our cart is in progress.

Age 3 to 7 of any child is very important in its life. This is the stage the child starts to recognize shapes, forms, syllables, sounds etc., these formative years of the child are the base of its learning ability in future. A well-spelt word, a nicely narrated poetry or a fascinating story or a mesmerizing rhyme always gets the admiration of the young ones. We specialize in preparing the learning materials for these tiny-tots.

Modern Way Cursive Writing 7 Hefte
Format: Übungshefte, 18,5 cm X 24 cm
Sprache: Englisch
Seiten: 32 je Heft
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Enjoy with Colours A+B
Format: 27,5 cm x 21.5 cm
Seiten: je Heft 24
Erschienen: Sekar Publishers
3,95 EUR
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